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Money Management

Start taking control of your finances with Money Management

Now you can see where every dollar has been and where it's going. Money Management is a free personal finance management tool available with accounts from KleinBank, a division of Old National Bank!


Money Management Screens

See all of your accounts

In one view, see all of your KleinBank accounts and other accounts you have outside of KleinBank. Easily change account names and account types or update information regarding interest rates, credit limits, original balances, and account purpose (business or personal). You can also manage alerts, exclude accounts, mark duplicate accounts, and see historical balances.


Account Screen

Review your transactions

See a full list of your transactions from internal and external accounts. Filter the view by account or date, or search for keywords or amounts. You can also add manual transactions and export the list as a CSV file for use in popular programs like Microsoft Excel.


Transactions Screen

How much are you spending?

An easy way to see where your money is going. You can view spending by date, see where your money is coming in, and drill down to subcategories and transactions.


Spending Screen

An easy way to budget

One of the most user-friendly ways to quickly and easily manage your budget. Create custom budget categories, change the amount allocated to your monthly budget, view historical budgets, and change your projected income amount.


Budget Screen

Watch your trends

Review your spending over time by category. You can drill into subcategories and see transaction details. Track income over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.


Trends Screen

Set up a plan to eliminate debt

Manage a debt plan for all your credit cards, loans, and mortgages. You can view balances, APRs, last payment dates and minimum payments. Project debt payoff dates and prioritize the payoff of certain debts.


Debts Screen

What's your net worth?

See your complete net worth over time. Drill into each month and see how certain transactions affect your overall net worth.


Net Worth Screen

Start setting goals

Manage and visualize your savings goals on a timeline. Create a goal, name it, and associate it with an account. Change the amount and priority of each goal.


Goals Screen

Stay connected to your accounts

Set up text and email alerts based on your preferences. Alerts include:

  • Exceeded Budgets
  • Debt Payment Reminder
  • Low Account Balance
  • Large Deposit
  • Large Expense/Withdrawal
  • Fee Charged


Alerts Screen