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MasterCard Gift Cards

An all-occasion gift – Use it for birthdays, holidays, weddings, graduations, employee appreciation/incentives, and more.

  • Purchase gift cards at any KleinBank, a division of Old National Bank, banking center
  • Gifts cards are only available to purchase by current KleinBank clients
  • MasterCard Acceptance – With worldwide acceptance at millions of locations, your recipient has freedom to use their card however they choose
  • Available in any denomination from $10-$750 (fees apply)
  • Free Customer Service 24x7 - 1-800-554-2707
  • Online Account Management
    • Balance Information
    • Transaction History
    • Text Email Alerts

  • Gift Cards FAQs
    • Q: How do I make a purchase with a Gift Card?
      A: Using your MasterCard Gift Card is similar to using a credit card. When you make a purchase, swipe the card and press "Credit" and sign the receipt.
    • Q: What is my PIN?
      A: The MasterCard Gift Card does not come with a PIN. You should not press “Debit" at the register or try to withdraw cash from an ATM.
    • Q: What if I want to purchase an item that costs more than my balance on my card?
      A: You will need to use a second form of payment (cash, credit card, or check) to cover the difference. Simply tell the cashier in advance the amount you would like applied to your MasterCard Gift Card. Pay the remainder with a second form of payment.
    • Q: Can I use my MasterCard Gift Card for online purchases?
      A: Yes, however, to make an online purchase, you will need to register your card at or by calling 1-800-554-2707. When you make an online purchase, the name, phone, and address you enter will need to match the information that you registered.
    • Q: Can I use my MasterCard Gift Card at restaurants?
      A: Yes, when using your Gift Card where tips may be appropriate (restaurants, bars, etc.), the merchant may authorize your transaction for an additional 20% above the total bill. Be sure the balance on your card is sufficient to cover the cost of the bill, plus the tip added. If not, the transaction will be declined.
    • Q: “Pay at the Pump” – why was I declined?
      A: “Pay at the Pump” may secure an approval on the card as a set limit above the final amount/price of gas you pump. For instance, they may pre-authorize the transaction with $75. This is done to ensure that funds are available to cover the final purchase. To avoid authorizations over the transaction amount, you must go inside the gas station and ask the cashier to authorize the pump for the amount you would like to use on your card.
    • Q: Can I replace a lost or stolen card?
      A: Yes, if you have the card number available or registered the card online, it can be replaced for a fee.
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