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Overdraft Protection

Woman calling about broken down car regarding her overdraft protection services

Life happens. And when it does, be sure that you have the tools in place to help keep you moving forward. KleinBank,  a division of Old National Bank, offers a variety of ways to assist when things don't go your way.

Checking Reserve

KleinBank offers you two options to access a personal line of credit to write yourself a loan for unexpected expenses or buying opportunities.

$50 annual fee
(no fee for loan advances)
$10 per loan advance
(no annual fee)

Fees will be automatically charged to the KleinBank checking account attached to reserve.

Minimum line: $1,000
Amount of each advance: $300
Payment schedule: Automatic monthly payments
Annual Percentage Rate: 18%
Subject to credit approval

Auto Transfer Protection

This service will automatically transfer money out of your savings or checking account to cover an overdraft.* At only $12 a transfer, it gives you peace of mind and added convenience. Stop in to your local branch or call us at 888-553-4648.

* Federal Regulation restricts the number of telephone transfers, online banking transfers, checks, debit card transactions, and preauthorized transfers on all savings accounts to six (6) per month, but unlimited transfers and/or withdrawals are allowed if done in person, by mail, at an ATM, or for loan payments at our bank. Fees may apply.

Balance Backup

In the event that your account is overdrawn, Balance Backup enables us to honor your purchase and charge you a fee. Rather than automatically returning any unpaid insufficient funds items, we will consider, without obligation on our part, payment of your reasonable overdrafts.

Of course, we are not promising to pay your overdrafts, not all accounts are eligible, and some restrictions do apply.

Balance Backup for Debit Card and ATM Transactions

We will provide overdraft services for checks and automatic bill payments and charge the standard fees that apply. However, it cannot cover everyday Debit Card and ATM transactions unless you give us permission.

Just call our Solutions Center at 888-553-4648 to get Balance Backup for your Debit Card and ATM transactions turned on right over the phone or click on "Apply Now."

Mobile Services

Be sure to check out all the mobile options available that help you keep up with your account while on the go. Mobile Banking is a free service offered by KleinBank. Your mobile carrier's Web access charges may apply.