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Cash Management

Take advantage of up-to-date technology and integrated operations for your business. We can help you with a variety of efficient and flexible cash management solutions.

KleinExpress Remote Deposit Capture

KleinExpress™ Remote Deposit Capture lets you deposit checks into your business checking accounts without ever leaving your office. KleinExpress enables electronic deposits which speeds workflow, reduces expenses, improves cash flow, and eliminates trips to the bank.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers provide a secure and efficient way to move funds between banks on the same day. Wire transfer origination is a fast method of payment for your high-value or time-sensitive payments.

ACH Origination

Automated Clearing House (ACH) services allow you to create electronic payments and deposits. This service is most often used to pay employees, pay dividends to investors or pay vendors and suppliers. ACH expedites payments, improves your cash flow, and benefits your employees or vendors.

Fraud Management

Positive Pay is a powerful way for your business to improve the control and security of your funds. With Positive Pay, the validity of checks presented for payment is verified on your account before funds are released. Positive Pay is one of the most effective check fraud protection strategies available.

ACH Fraud Filter is focused on transactions coming through the electronic ACH system. ACH Fraud Filter notifies you when electronic debits are presented against your account that have not been preapproved by you. ACH Fraud Filter quickly identifies electronic transactions that are valid and block any potentially fraudulent transactions. 

Lockbox Services

Lockbox centralizes invoice processing, reduces internal handling costs of payment processing, saves time in making deposits, and increases audit controls. Lockbox service improves staff productivity by automating manual processes and decreasing the potential for theft, fraud, or error.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI can add valuable remittance detail to your ACH payments, such as invoice numbers, reference numbers, discounts, and more. Advantages to making payments using EDI remittance detail include reduced paperwork, accounts payable processing and postage costs, potential trading partner discounts due to automation of payment processing and improved information exchange accuracy.


Sweep services maximize idle balances by moving excess funds automatically into your money market savings or paying down on your line of credit. Savings or Loan Sweeps put your excess cash to work, aid in investing unallocated funds, or reduce interest expense.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA) Sweeps tie your main operating account and other business accounts at KleinBank, a division of Old National Bank, for automatic funding. ZBA Sweeps centralize cash control while allowing decentralized disbursing operations, simplifies the reconciliation process, and eliminates the need to manually transfer funds between accounts.

Business Mobile Banking

Contact a banker to authorize your Business Online Banking access be allowed through the app. Then, download the app, log in with the same credentials you use to access Business Online Banking, and start managing your business right from your mobile device.

  • Originate ACH & Wires
  • Approve ACH & Wires
  • Deposit Checks
  • and more!

Merchant Services

KleinBank partners with Elavon to deliver the industry’s leading merchant processing solutions. Combining banking expertise with premier payment processing network lets you enjoy a one-stop solution for all of your banking and payment processing needs.