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Health Savings Group Plans

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The KleinBank Health Savings Account (HSA) Group Plan is a solution for business customers that offers their employees a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). HSAs were introduced as a way to help employees set aside income on a tax-free basis to cover their health care needs. The HSA Group Plan is your way to help your employees maintain an HSA account.
This business-sponsored HSA Group Plan is for companies with five or more HSA participants. The business must be electronically contributing via direct deposit to employees’ accounts monthly.
See a Business Banker for information regarding current fees and how KleinBank may be able to offset your monthly service charges.

For your employees, a KleinBank Personal Banker will come to your office and discuss the benefits of an HSA and open the accounts on-site. With multiple KleinBank locations, your employees can feel at ease calling one of our HSA representatives at any time.