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Quicken & Quickbooks Training

Quicken® & QuickBooks® are personal financial management (PFM) software products that allow you to manage your accounts on your personal computer. Now you can immediately update your files and download transactions by connecting directly to your KleinBank, a division of Old National Bank, accounts.

You have several options for integrating your KleinBank accounts with your PFM software
  • Manual Connect (QIF Download)
    • This is a file format used by older versions of PFM software. You can export your account information as a .QIF file and then import it into your PFM software. Note: this is for manual download from online banking.
  • Web Connect
    • WebConnect is a one-way communication from a financial institution’s website to Quicken/Quickbooks. This connectivity type requests users to log into KleinBank's website, download an OFX file and manually import into products.
  • Express Web Connect
    • Express Web Connect uses aggregation technology to login and access account transaction information on behalf of the customer.
  • Direct Connect
    • Direct Connect allows you to connect directly into KleinBank’s Online Banking and Bill Pay system from Quicken® or QuickBooks®.

Quicken® and QuickBooks® (desktop and online versions) need to be purchased prior to use of QIF download, Web Connect and Direct Connect.


If you are experiencing issues accessing or setting up your connection to KleinBank using Quicken® or QuickBooks®, please see our general troubleshooting solutions.

  • Access and Login Problems
    • Q: How can I find out what my log in or password is?
      A: Your ID and password are the same ones you use for KleinBank Online Banking.
    • Q: Why am I getting an invalid sign-on message? I'm sure my ID and PIN are correct. (Note: this can be used for Direct Connect and Password Vault). Password Vault is Quicken® and QuickBooks® systems way to store passwords.
      A: Make sure you are not entering spaces or dashes with your ID.
    • Q: I am entering my credentials in correctly, why can't I still can't log in?
      A: Make sure you have logged in to KleinBank Online Banking and accepted the terms and conditions. Update your version of Quicken® or QuickBooks® to the latest release. You can do this for free by visiting the Quicken® or QuickBooks® Web sites. If you're using Quicken®, make sure you have registered with
  • Setup Difficulties
    • Q: Why can't I get Direct Connect to work with Quicken® when I have used Web Connect in the past?
      A: You must disable the Web Connect functionality in order for Direct Connect to work.

      1. Start Quicken®
      2. Click Online in the menu bar at the top of your screen. 
      3. Select Online Center in the drop-down menu. 
      4. You will see a screen with your accounts listed. Click the account you would like to use with Direct Connect. 
      5. Click Options in the menu bar on the top right of your screen. If you see a check mark next to Download this account using Web Connect, uncheck it to disable Web Connect.
    • Q: Why won't Direct Connect work with Quicken®? I have recently changed my user name in KleinBank Online Banking.
      A: Quicken® requires you to change your user name for each account individually.

      1. Click Tools in the menu bar at the top of the screen. In the drop-down menu, select Account List. 
      2. Highlight each account individually and click Edit on the top menu bar. 
      3. You will see the Account Details window. In the General Information tab, click the Customer ID field and enter the new ID number. Click OK
      4. Start over with the next account.
  • Using PFM Software
    • Q: Why won't my downloaded transactions show up in the register?
      A: Check to see whether you can view the transaction in KleinBank Online Banking. If not, try running an update. You may have downloaded the transaction already. If you've already downloaded the transaction and manually deleted it, you will have to reenter the transaction manually in Quicken® or QuickBooks® in order for it to display in the register.
    • Q: I downloaded my transactions, but why are they showing up in the wrong account?
      A: Double-check your account numbers against what you have set up in your software. In Quicken®, you may need to verify the routing number as well. Locate the correct routing number here, or contact the KleinBank Solutions Center at 1-888-553-4648.

      If you were already logged in to KleinBank Online Banking when you performed the update from Quicken® or QuickBooks®, you will need to refresh the KleinBank Online Banking display to view your pending payments. Either log off of KleinBank Online Banking and log back in, or click Make Payments and then Payment Activity. Your payment will now be listed under Payment Activity as well as on the Summary Screen.

    • Q: I recently changed an account number for a payee in KleinBank Online Banking. Why is the old account number still being displayed in Quicken®?
      A: As long as KleinBank Online Banking has the correct account information, your payment will be successful. Because changes to payee account numbers are not reflected in certain versions of Quicken®, the account number shown in KleinBank Online Banking will become the default for payments.
    • Q: Why are my transfers showing up in the PFM register, but not on the KleinBank Online Banking statement?
      A: Transfers generated in KleinBank Online Banking will be downloaded in a PFM statement request on the same day they are performed. They do not show up in the KleinBank Online Banking account statement until the following day.
    • Q: Why does my ending balance not match my KleinBank Online Banking daily balance?
      A: Make sure all transactions have cleared for the date range. Cleared transactions are indicated by a 'c' in the register. If the ending balance is still incorrect, then check your opening balance.
    • Q: What if I have other problems with the software, which may not be related to KleinBank Online Banking Web services?
      A: Please contact the Quicken or QuickBooks technical support service.


If you have general questions about how Quicken® or QuickBooks® can work for you, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Quicken® and Quickbooks® FAQs
    • Q: Which KleinBank accounts can I access through Quicken® and QuickBooks®?
      A: Your KleinBank Checking, savings and loan accounts. can be accessed through Quicken® and QuickBooks®. In addition, Trust/Investment Management Accounts (Excluding Irrevocable Trusts) can be accessed via Quicken®.
    • Q: What is Direct Connect/Direct Services?
      A: Direct Connect/Direct Services is a connection between your personal financial management (PFM) software and KleinBank that enables you to view account information and conduct transactions directly from Quicken® and QuickBooks®.  Please note: Direct Connect is currently available for Personal and Prior Lake Business Online.
    • Q: Do I need to have a password? What is my password?
      A: Your username and password are the same ones you use for KleinBank Online Banking.  If you have forgotten your username and password, go to Login Help.
    • Q: I have more than one KleinBank account, but I only want to manage one account through Quicken® or QuickBooks®.
      A: You can choose to enter information for only those accounts you wish to integrate with your software. And you can use your PFM software to synchronize data with as many KleinBank checking, savings and loan accounts you want.
    • Q: How do I update my accounts in Quicken® or QuickBooks®?
      A: In Quicken®, click One-Step Update. In QuickBooks®, choose Online Banking Center from the Banking menu. Select KleinBank (Consumer/PL Business Online), KleinBank (Direct Connect for Consumer and PL Business), KleinBank Business (Business Online) from the financial institution drop-down list. Check the QuickStatement and transaction request(s) you want to send. Click Go Online.
    • Q: Can I download statement transactions from the KleinBank Online Banking in QuickBooks® IIF format?
      A: No and Yes. Web Connect download for QuickBooks® (desktop version), however WebConnect is available for QuickBooks® Online.  Direct Connect provides statement transaction downloads, along with more advanced features such as bill payment and transfer support.
    • Q: When I download my Trust/Investment Management Account Holdings, why do some assets show-up in different categories than they do on my statement?
      A: Quicken® only supports a limited number of asset categories (Stocks, Mutual Funds, Debt, Options and Other) compared to the categories available on your statement. Please contact your Trust Officer with questions regarding a specific holding.
    • Q: When I download my transaction activity for my Trust/Investment Management account, why do some transactions not appear in Quicken® or appear differently than on my statement?
      A: Quicken® does not support certain types of transaction such as Cost Basis or Carrying Value Adjustments, so these transactions will not be included in the download. In addition, the transaction categories available in Quicken® do not match the transaction categories available on your statement, and Quicken® requires special processing for certain transaction types (i.e.: reversal transactions), so transactions may appear differently in Quicken® than they do on your statement. Please contact your Trust Officer with questions regarding a specific transaction.


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