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Personal Banking Technical Support

Browser Compatibility Summary
  • Google Chrome: Supported
  • Mozilla Firefox: Supported
  • Safari
    • Safari 8: Supported
    • Safari 6 & 7: Unsupported
  • Internet Explorer IE 11: Supported
    • IE 10: Unsupported
    • IE 9: Supported
    • IE 8: Supported

Supported Browser Details
  • Google Chrome: Supported
  • Mozilla Firefox: Supported

Details about browser versions: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are released on extremely rapid release schedules. Because of this, Chrome and Firefox may release new versions of these browsers between releases of solutions from KleinBank, a division of Old National Bank; however, the content and functionally of these releases are highly unlikely to negatively affect KleinBank’s solutions. Therefore, we will not test KleinBank’s solutions against every release of Chrome and Firefox. When testing a consumer release, KleinBank’s Quality Assurance teams will test the solution in the latest available version of the browser at time of the release to ensure that the experience is optimized for that version of the browser.

  • Safari 8: Supported, Tier 1

Important note about cookies settings: By default, Safari blocks all cookies from being accepted. This setting will cause parts of Online Banking, Bill Pay and other services to function incorrectly. If issues are experienced accessing these parts of Online Banking using Safari, please verify the cookie settings by going to Safari > Preferences or by hitting , (Command key plus the comma key) and looking at the Privacy tab. The option for Block cookies should be set to “Never.”

Internet Explorer
  • IE11 (available for Windows 7 and 8): Supported
  • IE10 (available for Windows 7 and 8): Unsupported
  • IE9 (available for Windows 7, 8 and Vista): Supported
  • IE8 (available for Windows XP): Supported

Support for Internet Explorer browsers is based on market penetration and user behavior.

Internet Explorer 11 is free and available to download for users of Internet Explorer 10. It is recommended by Microsoft and is considered the superior of the two. Overall internet usage statistics are also very low for IE10. For these reasons, we are no longer supporting IE10 for testing and development and recommend all users upgrade to IE11.

Internet Explorer “Compatibility View”

Below is a clarification on Internet Explorer’s legacy rendering functionality and how it applies to KleinBank’s solutions.

Microsoft Internet Explorer browser has a feature called Compatibility View that allows older websites to render pages according to a legacy set of rules to better display older web pages.

This mode is effective in taking old websites that are not designed according to modern web standards and rendering them in such a way that users would be able to see and access the content as the authors intended. Compatibility View can be triggered by a webpage that is not standardscompliant or can be explicitly enabled by the user.

KleinBank designs its solutions according to the latest web standards and practices and to function fully without the need for Compatibility View. Because Compatibility View is designed to render web pages that are not standardscompliant and can cause standardscompliant pages to render incorrectly, we do not support issues with our offerings related to the viewing of the pages in Internet Explorer Compatibility View. If users have Compatibility View enabled for any KleinBank offering and are experiencing any difficulties with the offering, the first step for remediation is to disable the feature.

Find Your Current Software

To find your current software, select 'Help' located on your browser toolbar. Then select the 'About...' option.

Opening and Saving PDFs

To open and save portable document format (PDF) files, you must install the free Adobe Reader software. KleinBank pages support Adobe Reader versions 4.0 and higher.

Upgrade Your Browser

It's quick, easy, and free! Even if you already have the required minimum browser version, you may want to consider upgrading.


Mobile and Tablet Browsers Online Banking

Mobile browsers are web browsers that are optimized to effectively display web content on mobile devices. KleinBank solutions may function in mobile browsers, but are considered unsupported.

KleinBank has developed Mobile Web Banking solutions to provide Online Banking access using webenabled mobile phones or wireless devices. Please see the appropriate product documentation for more detail on this solution.

Microsoft Operating System‐Browser Availability

The Microsoft operating system and browser combination scenario is complex. The information below is provided for your education and context only. 

  Windows XP Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows 8 Windows 8.1
Market share of OS1 ~16% ~58% ~2% ~3.5% ~11%
IE7 Available Not available Not available Not available Not available
IE8 Available Not available Not available Not available Not available
IE9 Not possible to upgrade Available - Microsoft is now pushing upgrades to IE11 Available Not Available Not Available
IE10 Not possible to upgrade Available - Microsoft is now pushing upgrades to IE11 Not Available Available Not Available
IE11 Require upgrade to Windows 8 or 8.1 Available - Microsoft is now pushing upgrades to IE11 Require upgrade to Windows 8 or 8.1 Free upgrade to Windows 8.1 to get IE11 Available


% out of total OS market including Mac OS

i Any compatible PDF viewer will suffice. For some operating systems, e.g., Mac OS X, and for some browsers, e.g., Google Chrome, PDF viewing capabilities are available outofthebox without the need to install additional software. If a native PDF viewer is not available for a user, you can recommend popular PDF viewers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.